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saturday March 24, 2018 - Sanctuary is Blessed to Host the Cancer Support Group from MCC Austin 

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october 2018 - Sanctuary at Sea


Easter Sunday at Sanctuary in the Woods - April 1, 2018

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8817 Burleson Manor Rd. Manor, TX 48653 

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Sanctuary Haggadah Seder Liturgy.
We Have created this Haggadah as a symbol of hope and liberation for all peoples who experience tyranny and oppression in any form.  May we never forget the oppressed peoples of the world, and that slavery and oppression continue to exist.

May we always have a story of freedom to tell; and may we always have a people to whom to tell it.
We dedicate this Haggadah to Dr. Paula Schoenwether, wife and partner of Rev. Dr. Nancy Wilson,                                                              for her years of faithful support, and to all Jews who have stood by and with LGBTQ Christians                                                                  on our journey from oppression to liberation. 

Wednesday, March 28, 2018 - We'll be Celebrating Our Second Annual Sanctuary Seder