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Tom's experience includes working at the highest levels of production design and art direction in the TV/film industry. He lived and worked in Hollywood for 10 years and has experience in locations around the world. He has created numerous award ­winning floats and stage settings for national and international conferences. He is also an accomplished event planner and cook, regularly feeding groups as large as 100 plus. Tom is currently the sole proprietor of Lone Star Props which has an inventory of over 80,000 props which Tom rents to the television and film industry. 

Our Team at Sanctuary

Rev. Elder Ken Martin

During her 10 years in the US Air Force and her 10 years in Corporate America, Cheryl created and delivered presentations to Generals, US Congressmen and women, and business executives - she can talk to, listen to, and love - anyone! She also served as a project manager for multi­million dollar projects, and considers her two adult children two of her most successful projects! Cheryl is currently the sole proprietor of a consulting business where she designs and facilitates personal development and leadership training for corporate managers and executives.      She has spent many hours designing and facilitating curriculum pro bono for her church denomination, spanning work in three different countries. Cheryl recently served as the volunteer treasurer for a non­profit corporation in Canada for 9 years, and she brings her love of teaching, listening, and inviting people into the power of their own life story to this great team at Sanctuary.

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Our volunteers

Cheryl meyer

Ken has more than 40 years’ experience as a highly successful pastor, during which he oversaw two multi­million dollar building projects. He went on to serve 7 years as an international denominational leader responsible for the growth and health of churches throughout the U.S. and Asia. In 2005, Ken co-­authored the transformational spiritual curriculum,  Creating a Life that Matters, regularly used by hundreds of churches throughout the U.S. and in four other countries.                                Ken's experience includes planning and facilitating local, national and international conferences and he has conducted retreats and seminars in 41 states and 11 countries.  Ken is a visionary who has 'seen' Sanctuary in the Woods for nearly two decades, and he is beyond excited to finally be part of a team that is taking the steps to make this dream a reality.                A man who understands the power of building and maintaining true relationships, Ken has a business and social network that includes over 3,000 people. 

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Jo is a dynamic facilitator, author, and inspirational speaker, who has honed her craft working internally within corporate America’s leadership development arena, externally via her own consulting firm, and in the non-profit arena where she has developed a global reach.
Jo served for ten years in the United States Marine Corps where she was one of the few female Aircraft Maintenance Officers in the Corps. Leaving the Marines and entering corporate America, Jo spent a decade mastering many arenas within international banking. In 2001 she left corporate America to focus on building her own consulting firm and developing her non-profit work.  During the last seventeen years, Jo has worked in design, facilitation, training, and the certification of professional trainers in both corporate and non-profit settings. In 2005 she co-authored the transformational spiritual curriculum, Creating a Life that Matters (CLM). This three course curriculum met with such great success that a Global Christian Denomination adopted it as their Denominational Core Curriculum, and now require it for anyone aspiring to a leadership position. Her wide range of military experience, academic endeavour, corporate and non-profit experience has created in Jo a sought after and gifted executive coach, speaker, and teacher. Jo feels deeply blessed by all that her career has invited her into, and she is ready to focus her life learnings on building a remarkable and deeply moving and memorable retreat center – Sanctuary in the Woods.


Our Team at the Sanctuary is committed to providing you with a high quality experience that will allow for your stress to melt away as you enter the property.  

​We're excited to share this special, sacred ground with you!