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Our Vision

8817 Burleson Manor Rd. Manor, TX 48653 

       Happy Fourth!          From all of us at Sanctuary! ​

       Happy Canada Day         From all of us at Sanctuary! ​

 Our retreat center site is a stunning and joyous bird sanctuary.

As we build her we will carefully carve her out of these precious, uncut oak and cedar trees that hug a beautiful three acre pond. 

Sanctuary will be an upscale high quality and comfortable meeting space with high-end IT capability, full food service, and lodging for 24+ people.

​Just as CLM has been a powerful transformational educational experience, Sanctuary will be a much-needed meeting space that will host transformational, educational, and powerful programming seminars, workshops, and experiences   for groups and individuals.  

We are excited to introduce Sanctuary - santuario del espiritu"Sanctuary of the Spirit"

Sanctuary in the Woods is a nonprofit retreat and event center on a beautiful eight acre site, just twenty minutes east of Austin, Texas USA

​ We invite you to stay tuned to learn how you can become part of our vibrant and transformative community - both locally in Austin or globally through our web-based programming!